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Service Concept
1.          Pre-sales Service
1)          According to the customers technical parameter requests, we cooperate closely with the customers to select matched equipments.
2)          We provide professional technical support.
3)          We can assign professionals for technical exchange, to solve the technical problems of our agent products.
2.          On-purchase Service
1)          We will assist the customer to finish installation and debugging and solve the problems during the process.
2)          We will provide free training on operation and parameter setting to the customers until master.
3)          We can provide a whole solution based on the customers request
E.g.: ZAPI controller, driver, sensor, human-computer interaction interface and accessories. ZAPI controller can be sold separately.
3.          After-sales Service
1)          We will repair or change freely during warranty period based on the sales contract strictly.
2)          We promise to provide lifetime maintenance to our products. We will visit the customer with our after-sales service regularly to view the production and usage.
Integrity solemnly promises-We will provide high qualified service, do our best to establish a convenient and quick channel between the customer and the manufacturer. To provide "After-sales Service", "Pre-sales Service", "Overall Service",  "Life-time Service" during each process of production design, manufacture and usage.

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